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Playing racket sports is a big time commitment  

What Do We Do?

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Waiting for a court

or reserving a court can be very time consuming and waste valuable playing time. 

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Waiting in traffic

can be frustrating when trying to get to a court either for leisure or lessons.


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Courts can be fully booked at key times

when you really want to play, because everyone else does too!

At Backpack Tennis we offer a solution to the time constraints at industry leading prices

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Industry leading prices

Based on a doubles set, Backpack Tennis prices are between 35-68% below what you would pay putting the set together yourself.

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Play anywhere

Enjoy playing anywhere from your backyard to the beach, even in front of the Eiffel Tower!


The best teaching tool

We run school programs and teach kids the fundamentals of tennis in an easier to grasp setting. The smaller courts and rackets paired with larger balls make it easier to pick up. The skills learned transfer well to full court tennis. 

What Are We Offering?

At Backpack Tennis we know you are the kind of people who enjoy playing racket sports and live an active lifestyle. In order to do that you need to be able to play anytime and anywhere. The problem is the amount of time it takes to drive to and then wait for a court, which makes you feel like you are wasting valuable time if you are able to go at all. We understand life gets busy and it can be tough to carve out two hours to go and play tennis or give your kids a lesson. That is why we created Backpack Tennis. It is a hybrid of tennis and pickle ball that can be played on almost any surface and setup in under two minutes. 


Here is how it works: First watch our short video and decide if Backpack Tennis is right for you. Second, Hit the buy now button at the top right of the page and pick your unit type, Finally, get the unit delivered to your door and let the good times roll. Buy your unit now so you can stop missing out on your racket time and start getting active by playing tennis anywhere, at any time with Backpack Tennis 

Backpack Tennis

Backpack Tennis