To make the game of tennis more portable and accessible while supporting childrens development in sport. 

About Us

We are a family run business with an desire to increase community participation in sport. We are trying to make tennis more accessible because we know that life can get in the way of sport. That is why we created Backpack Tennis, a fun, affordable, and easy way to play tennis anywhere. We are working with our local communities to help promote the power of sport through after school programs and by partnering with KidSport charity. With your help we can spread the word and make the great game accessible to everyone.

While living in Europe one thing I found very frustrating was the expensive court fees and the limited access. Luckily it is not the case anywhere, but when the weather is nice it can be very difficult to find an open court. Now on beautiful days we go to a nice park and break out the Backpack Tennis and it is always a hit!



We believe in childhood development through sports.

For every Backpack Tennis set purchased, $5 will be donated to KidSport charity. Your purchase of a Backpack Tennis set will also help us to setup our charity tournaments in the Vancouver, Canada area where 100% of the proceeds will go towards KidSport.

KidSport is a charity that focuses on helping underprivileged children that would otherwise not be able to participate in organized sports because of financial limitations. Sports teaches children many lessons and can have a long lasting positive influence on their lives.     

Tennis Racket


Backpack Tennis is for all ages. It is perfect for gathering friends or teaching kids how to play tennis.


Backpack Tennis’ foam balls and child sized rackets, designed for Backpack Tennis, are similar to the equipment used by professional tennis coaches for teaching children. Now you can teach and play with your children anywhere thanks to Backpack Tennis. 

Tennis anywhere from backyards to beaches