Top 10 Backpack Tennis Rankings:

To move up or down in the top 10 rankings simply challenge someone and if you beat them send us an email at and we will update the rankings accordingly.

I will happily accept any challenge as well through that email.

  1.  James Bettauer- Currently undefeated, challengers are always welcome.

  2.  Kaitlyn Bettauer- Katie had a fantastic showing at the charity event. As a former university tennis star, Katie is quite the Backpack Tennis player.

  3.  Bruce Kennedy - A wild card coming into the tournament, Bruce was turning heads on the court. He managed to take out the 10th ranked player as well as a future Backpack Tennis star Forrest Rohr.

  4.  Kerstin Butzelaar- A very well rounded and experienced Backpack Tennis player who has adapted her game to play on ANY surface; careful when challenging her.

  5.  Luke Kasteel- Luke formerly the #2 ranked player has dropped due to inactivity, but he will be knocking on some doors to make his way back up the rankings.

  6.  Jeannie Rohr- Jeannie suffered an injury in this year's tournament and we wish her a speedy recovery. Her extensive tennis background leads to her steady play. She is as consistent as they come.

  7.  Jeremy Williams- Jeremy is just a fan of the game and although he doesn't have a huge tennis background, he has been playing and spreading the word of Backpack Tennis in Ontario. We expect him to be in the top 5 very soon.

  8.  Van Bettauer- Van is currently MIA but in his glory days he was unbeatable.

  9.  Noah Bettauer- Noah, a full court tennis player by nature, decided to officially challenge last weekend for the number one spot, although he didn't quite manage to take out either of the top 2 ranked players he did manage to win a qualifying match to get himself into the top 10. We expect big things from Noah going forward, our youngest player in the top 10.

  10.  Tom Bettauer- Although he likes to throw his opponents off by complaining about his age it's just a ploy, his drop shots and effort level will have you thinking he's a spry 25-year-old.