With Backpack Tennis’ lightweight design you can enjoy the great game of tennis anywhere and on any surface. Play on grass, pavement, rubber track, turf, and even sand. Everything you need to play is included in the backpack. Setup takes 2 minutes so you’ll be ready to play in no time. 


The court boundary is marked by the red cones and is the width of the net. The baseline should be 8-10 steps from the net. 


Games are up to 11 or 21 points. Service switches every 2 and 5 serves like ping pong. All serves must be underhand with both feet behind the baseline. 


The receiving player waits behind the baseline. The ball must bounce on the reciever’s side before the return is made. 


After the return all tennis shots are allowed and tennis rules take over. 


Backpack Tennis is the portable tennis game that can be played on almost any surface. It is a hybrid between pickleball and tennis. Each backpack comes with a self-standing net, 2 foam balls, 2 rackets (also sold with 4 rackets), and line markers. The high-quality foam balls allow for full bounces on grass and sand.